Three Weeks. Three Shows.
Westpoint Performing Arts Centre.

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5 to 8 September
Jeff and Hunter, two self-confessed nobodies in New York, make a pact. They will write an original musical and submit it to a festival. The only catch? The deadline is in 3 weeks. They gather their two actress friends, Susan and Heidi, and their accompanist and music director, Larry, on keys. With the full team assembled, Jeff and Hunter hit another roadblock – what should they write about?

Will the team succeed with their musical with the deadline looming…?

This is a playful and lovable musical. You will be treated to an inside look at the tough work of being a creative artist. Frequently hilarious, occasionally heartbreaking, and thoroughly inspiring TITLE OF SHOW is a love story celebrating individuality and creativity. (contains coarse language)


12 to 15 September
Songs for a New World is a work of musical theatre written and composed by Jason Robert Brown. This was originally produced Off-Broadway at the WPA Theatre in 1995.

An abstract musical, this is a series of songs all connected by a theme – the moment of decision. This moving collection of powerful songs examines life, love and the choices that we make. We will transport you from the deck of a 1492 Spanish sailing ship to a ledge, 57 stories above Fifth Avenue, to meet a startling array of characters that range from a young man who has determined that basketball is his ticket out of the ghetto to a woman whose dream of marrying rich nabs her the man of her dreams… and a soulless marriage.

The show has four strong performers who do not play the same characters throughout the show but who will take you on a journey to understand that one moment when a choice has to be made– make a choice, take a stand or turn around and go back.


19 to 22 September
Little Town Liars is set in Louisiana, 1956. It is the Halloween fair and the town is buzzing with excitement.

The Austin kids – Belinda and Jake, along with their good friend Shirley, venture into the woods to take what they believe are innocent herbal pills. Three days later, they wake up.

What begins as a simple cover up, quickly snowballs into a case of mass hysteria within the town, where “I was abducted by aliens” becomes the popular excuse to cover up one’s wrongdoings.

Little Town Liars is a fast-paced comedy musical created by New Zealand composer and director, Joshua Hopton-Stewart. It was first performed as part of the 2013 New Zealand Fringe Festival to a sell-out crowd at BATS Theatre in Wellington, where it was selected as a Pick of the Fringe and won the award for Best Ensemble. (contains coarse language)